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The following is taken from the official Habitat Kickstarter.

The Development Team[edit | edit source]

Habitat is currently in development at 4gency’s HQ in Seattle, Washington. The first build was shown at Game Developers Conference in March 2014.

  • We're well underway. The game is playable, stable, and ready to expand with more junk types, advanced features and a full campaign.
  • We're making this a community effort. This is a game that’s right for early access Alpha and Beta programs, and we're sprinting forward to bring you early builds as soon as possible.
  • We need your help to cross the finish line. Our target for backers is the minimum amount we forecast it will take to get this game into your hands, where we can continue making improvements based on your feedback.

We want Habitat to be a game that you love, one that you'll want to continue playing because it keeps surprising, inspiring, and exciting you.

Your support as a backer goes directly to our development budget; the code and art that go into the game you'll be playing.

Our schedule looks like this:

  • March 2014: Development build at GDC (DONE!)
  • April 2014: Kickstarter campaign
  • Summer 2014: Alpha with backers and early adopters
  • Fall 2014: Beta with wider community support
  • Holiday 2014: v1.0 Release on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One

We want to focus on making sure the game has the features you want. As our Alpha and Beta programs go on we'll be dialing in the final release date.

Charles Cox[edit | edit source]

Founder, CEO. We were founded in 2011 by Charles, who brings a over a decade of experience spanning PC, Xbox, Playstation and Mobile as a designer, programmer and management professional.

Alex Schoner[edit | edit source]

Creative Director. Alex is a designer, hyper modernist, and avid gamer of the digital age. He brings heavyweight experience from being in-house design for industry titans, as well being a design leader in Seattle.

Elbert Perez[edit | edit source]

Development Director. Elbert is a one-two punch of technical and creative thinking in a passionate persona and has worked on and self published more than 25 indie and AAA games since 2005.

Chris Chin[edit | edit source]

3D Artist. Chris is a 3D specialist with over a decade’s worth of digital media experience and well over a dozen shipped titles across PC, console, handheld and mobile platforms.

Henry Tang[edit | edit source]

Programmer. Henry is an accomplished game programmer of over seven years, who has worked across multiple platforms and titles, specializing in gameplay and user interface development.