How Does it Play?

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The following is taken from the official Habitat Kickstarter.

How Does it Play?[edit | edit source]

Step One - Explore, Discover, and Combine Junk[edit | edit source]

  • Explore a vast orbital playground: a huge playing field around the earth, from near-earth to the “graveyard” orbits further out.
  • Humanity’s history is yours to use: not just satellites and shuttles, you’ll find and use the structures and vehicles from entire civilizations.
  • Combine and recombine: weld junk together any way you want. Merge and split habitats, even while in flight or in combat.

Step Two - Specialize, Upgrade, and Unlock Tech[edit | edit source]

  • Special powers, hidden potential: each type of junk has different uses and powers you unlock by attaching and upgrading as part of your habitat.
  • Life and crisis in orbit: manage oxygen, electricity, food and living space for your citizens; and respond creatively as things go wrong in space.
  • Advance and evolve: discover advanced technologies with a full tech tree, and specialize your research to evolve into a spacefaring superpower.

Step Three - Fly, Fight, and Expand your Habitats[edit | edit source]

  • Just add rockets: every city is a flying city; attach boosters, thrusters, even ICBMs to take your habitats deeper into space with a physics-driven flight simulation.
  • Smash and grab: take on enemy habitats with kinetic orbital weapons you build; find weak spots and tear them apart to salvage their pieces for your own habitat.
  • Your orbital empire: make as many habitats as you want; network them with power transmission, automated defenses, sensor arrays and more to build humanity’s future in orbit.